Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Limited Edition Halloween Print Cloth Pads

Hey Ladies,

Its October and Halloween is around the corner. Who doesn't love Halloween, I know I do. I finally have decided to list a Limited Edition Section where i will list limited prints for specific holidays/dates.
Head on over and check it out.

Orders will take some time to ship, approximately two weeks. However i will include a free liner with every purchase made now until the last day of october.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Products added!!

Hello Ladies,

Orgo Pads will now be offering Mommy items! Products Are great for soon to be mothers and even new moms whether postpartum or nursing. Feel free to check it out.

If you would like to order any of the new products under the Accessory section or Menstrual cup section feel free to order directly from the website. However if you would like to combine your order by adding Orgo Pads please email me ( instead of placing your order from the website since the new products will be shipped directly from the distributor.

Heres a sneak peek of what is now offered:


Thank you ladies.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free Liners at Orgo Pads

Hey ladies,

It is close to the end of september and in New York its getting pretty chilly if you ask me. I know ladies usually add minky into their stash when the cold hits and cotton and flannel in the summer, so i wanted to offer a free liner (can either be a mini, petite or pantyliner/will be random) with every order made now until october 2, 2014 please be advised minimum order must be $25.00. Preference of liner fabric (cotton,flannel or minky) can be chosen at checkout simply leave a comment with your preference.

���� Halloween prints will be available in october.

Happy saturday Everyone!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hey ladies,

It has been a while since i blogged and i totally forgot to mention that i have a coop going on right now however ends tomorrow night at midnight. The coop consists of all new minky, cotton and flannel prints! Not only do i have new prints but also you are offered wholesale pricing for buying in bulk!

Don't miss out!

Be Sure to check out our Facebook fan page for print options in order to choose what you like best before ordering.

Here is the photo album with the prints available in the current coop.

In order to order you must access The COOP SPREADSHEET and fill in only one column with your information and order your desired sizes and prints.

Here is a basic over view of what Orgo Pads offers sizing and style wise:

Thong Liners
Mini Liners
Petite Liners
Square Style= Postpartum, heavy, light day and pantyliners

Round Style= Postpartum, heavy, light day and pantyliners
Midnight Pads

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Early 4th of july

Hey ladies,

It has been a while however im glad to say that orgo pads has a sale going on now until july 7th. The sale consists of 20% off your total purchase with a minimum purchase of $25. Simply use code "summer14" at checkout. 

Be sure to check it out

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Review available on postpartum cloth pads

Hey Ladies,

Postpartum pads are not only great as overnight pads but also for that time right after you give birth. YES!! POSTPARTUM. Some may wonder why even bother with cloth pads but comfort is everything especially when you give birth so why not try an alternative to disposables to satisfy your comfort. Orgo Pads are surely reliable and will hold up well when it comes to both menstruation and incontinence.

If you or someone you know is interested in postpartum cloth pads be sure to check out a review done by All Natural Mom 101 who recently did a review on orgo pads postpartum pads. 

Also enjoy 25% off when you Use code "allnatural25" 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Orgo Pads LLC Shipping, Returns & Policies

Hello everyone,

Just to clarify for customers, below is a list of basic information all customers should now prior to ordering from Orgo Pads LLC. Some of this information is clear on orgo pads FAQ section, paypal invoices and our instagram page. I cant please everyone and i understand that some of my customers love my product and some say its not a high quality product. But honestly what is a high quality product to you? Nothing is ever perfect and even the biggest clothing companies have flaws. People forget that im human, my products arent going to make everyone happy and thats fine i accept that, now what some customers need to accept is that orgo pads are handmade products and vary they arent all going to be perfect. If you cant accept that then dont order. They are not made in a factory by machines. My team trys there best to make every pad  look better then the last and sometimes you may see a little piece of thread hanging off your pad its normal. "Dont panic" just snip that sucker off your pad is perfectly fine and you wont ruin it, we simply just missed a thread while we were cleaning pads off. To be clear some women think some brands are just of better quality or work better and to be honest yes some are good as in sewing thats it now as far as "they work better", pads that work better obviously it depends on the core and layers most and some cloth pad makers use zorb which is highly absorbent and some use bamboo if im not mistaken, they all absorb. Its honestly what works best for you and what you like the most. There is no one company that is better because everyone has a different preference, so do your research and choose what you think will suite your body needs the most when it comes to absorbency. I dont need threats on how i run my business from anyone. 

Below is a list of how orgo pads LLC works. 

Please read carefully.

Shipping, Returns & Policy:

Do you ship to Canada/Europe/Australia etc.?

Yes! We gladly ship anywhere you'd like us to. As long as you have an address you can receive our products.

Worldwide shipping

Please be advised that international orders must provide a phone number.

How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated by the shopping cart software based on weight and location.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes we do! All U.S orders over $100 will recieve free shipping. 


Please keep in mind since international freight charges are much higher all International orders will be invoiced a charge of $6.50 on orders over $100.


Do you have any kind of warranty?

Yes! We have a lifetime snap warranty. If your snap comes off,  just send it back and we will replace it for free.


*Shipping charges will be payed by the customer 

How long does shipping take?

All orders ship on fridays. Please allow up to 4 business days to process your order before it is shipped. Shipping may take 2-3 days after processing.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the personal nature of our products Orgo Pads and Menstrual cups can not be returned. However Orgo Pads does offer other brands such as detergents and wetbags which can generally be exchanged. If you have a specific concern please contact us and we will be glad to work something out with you. 

"New policy in Effect as of 2014"

There are no refunds once your order is 1⃣ placed

2⃣ processed 

3⃣ shipped out

( If you have made a mistake and would like a refund it is only possible before processing. Customers must contact orgo pads LLC within three hours of placing your order via email: If your order has processed there is nothing i can do.)

Customers who wish to exchange "detergents or wetbags" will have to pay for freight charges to and from. 

Orgo pads LLC is not responsible for shipping charges.


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