Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wake Up Now

Hey Ladies,

After much debating for a whole year i decided to recently join Wake Up Now and in doing so i was quite skeptical and nervous. Wouldn't you be nervous signing up and paying $100 for something you are unsure of, of course you would. Well here i am going to tell you sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. How bad can networking be? Not that bad you just have to be determined.

The wake up now concept is very simple.
Bring 3
Help 3
Get 3

In total you have to have 12 people in your network, It does not matter if you got all those people yourself or if your three people got there own. Either way working together as a team/unit helps get to your goal! Once you have hit something known as the "600" club you recieve $600 on the 15th of every month as long as you maintain those "12" people in your network structure. If someone drops out simply replace them just maintain it and as long as you do the money keeps coming in. The more people you add the more you get. Easy peasy? No, nothing in life is easy you have to dedicate some time to reach your goal. Do you have it in you? Lets see.... First check out some videos on the basics

Check it out

Here is how it works videos available in English and En Espano

I think this is a great opportunity and an extra way for mothers who stay at home or anyone for that matter to make an extra form of income and decrease any struggle one goes through. What do you think? I know a few of my friends making $800 a month coming from just wake up now. My first reaction was "is this real" and the answer was YES! The videos above really help in understanding how wake up now works. A little extra cash doesn't hurt.

If you want to turn your life around and make a bit of residual income take a leap and join the movement.

Sign up here

Once on the website click on the link that says Independent Business Owner Sign Up
No need to add on anything else and simply check out.

Whats your input on the videos?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Orgo Pads LLC Shipping, Returns & Policies

Hello everyone,

Just to clarify for customers, below is a list of basic information all customers should now prior to ordering from Orgo Pads LLC. Some of this information is clear on orgo pads FAQ section, paypal invoices and our instagram page. I cant please everyone and i understand that some of my customers love my product and some say its not a high quality product. But honestly what is a high quality product to you? Nothing is ever perfect and even the biggest clothing companies have flaws. People forget that im human, my products arent going to make everyone happy and thats fine i accept that, now what some customers need to accept is that orgo pads are handmade products and vary they arent all going to be perfect. If you cant accept that then dont order. They are not made in a factory by machines. My team trys there best to make every pad  look better then the last and sometimes you may see a little piece of thread hanging off your pad its normal. "Dont panic" just snip that sucker off your pad is perfectly fine and you wont ruin it, we simply just missed a thread while we were cleaning pads off. To be clear some women think some brands are just of better quality or work better and to be honest yes some are good as in sewing thats it now as far as "they work better", pads that work better obviously it depends on the core and layers most and some cloth pad makers use zorb which is highly absorbent and some use bamboo if im not mistaken, they all absorb. Its honestly what works best for you and what you like the most. There is no one company that is better because everyone has a different preference, so do your research and choose what you think will suite your body needs the most when it comes to absorbency. I dont need threats on how i run my business from anyone. 

Below is a list of how orgo pads LLC works. 

Please read carefully.

Shipping, Returns & Policy:

Do you ship to Canada/Europe/Australia etc.?

Yes! We gladly ship anywhere you'd like us to. As long as you have an address you can receive our products.

Worldwide shipping

Please be advised that international orders must provide a phone number.

How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated by the shopping cart software based on weight and location.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes we do! All U.S orders over $100 will recieve free shipping. 


Please keep in mind since international freight charges are much higher all International orders will be invoiced a charge of $6.50 on orders over $100.


Do you have any kind of warranty?

Yes! We have a lifetime snap warranty. If your snap comes off,  just send it back and we will replace it for free.


*Shipping charges will be payed by the customer 

How long does shipping take?

All orders ship on fridays. Please allow up to 4 business days to process your order before it is shipped. Shipping may take 2-3 days after processing.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the personal nature of our products Orgo Pads and Menstrual cups can not be returned. However Orgo Pads does offer other brands such as detergents and wetbags which can generally be exchanged. If you have a specific concern please contact us and we will be glad to work something out with you. 

"New policy in Effect as of 2014"

There are no refunds once your order is 1⃣ placed

2⃣ processed 

3⃣ shipped out

( If you have made a mistake and would like a refund it is only possible before processing. Customers must contact orgo pads LLC within three hours of placing your order via email: If your order has processed there is nothing i can do.)

Customers who wish to exchange "detergents or wetbags" will have to pay for freight charges to and from. 

Orgo pads LLC is not responsible for shipping charges.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breastfeeding in public

Hey Ladies,

I came across a video today that i found to be truly amazing especially for breastfeeding mothers. I myself am a breastfeeding mother even after two years! yikes right? NOT, its totally normal. Some women breastfeed even until the time there children are three however I'm weaning my little one of slowly especially since we are both in school. Breastfeeding is looked at by many people especially in the united states as a nasty thing and to be honest it is definitely not. Many prefer natural breast milk over formula based milk any day. There is no shame in it, and i once was ashamed and should have not been people looked down on me because they thought breastfeeding was just wrong. Well ladies I'm here to tell you to be proud your doing the right thing and its an amazing and very time consuming job that is well worth it. If you are a new breastfeeding mother don't give up even if your having a rough start, its okay we all go through it and it will get better in time. I used to be so worried about going out and having to breastfeed while out in public and being stared at and was so self conscious of what others would say. But now i could care less and this video put a smile on my face. No woman should need to hide in a bathroom stall or shawl for that matter to breastfeed their child. Be proud new moms.

Don't act like you've never seen a pair of boobs people, Just look away and go on with your day. Breastfeeding mothers are only trying to feed their children!!!

Enjoy the video below on breastfeeding in public "ITS AWSUM" 

 Thank you Sparrow Folk


Vanessa Mercado
Orgo Pads LLC

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spring Menstrual cloth pad Sale

Hello Ladies,

Who doesn't love a sale? I know i do, well this time many of you will enjoy it. I have started my spring semester at college and need to basically clear out all old stocked prints so enjoy pads as low as $3.60, Now thats what you call a sale! The sale will last this whole month. Orgo Pads LLC is offering 40% OFF on Menstrual cloth products only. Please read details below.

Simply use code GOFORIT at checkout.

Since i am a full-time college student and am no longer on vacation please expect delays on orders. Orders will ship out in the order they were purchased.


Vanessa Mercado

Sunday, January 26, 2014

MENSES! OMG...Cloth Pads! What is that?

Hey Ladies,

Is it that dreadful time of the month again? Menses, Menstruation and PMS were once topics women kept hidden and did not want to talk about. However times have changed. Its 2014, and the world is no longer the same as it was a few years back when women where scared to share they had their period. YES!!! A woman's period can be a terrifying thing, its also annoying and tiresome.  It makes you want to stay indoors and stay away from people at times because your feelings are kind of out of whack.

Do you ever find yourself in this situation?

You probably have, lol. Many women find comfort in the products they use during their menstrual cycle because its the only thing that will give them sanity during that time of the month. Women want and need comfort and reliability in order to deal with their menses. Who wants a bloody mess? I sure don't. I used to use every disposable product in the market, until i realized reusable products were an option. WOAH! ARE YOU SERIOUS! Yea not many women know this.
 I was amazed and scared to make the switch.  However i had nothing to loose i experienced excruciating pain with disposables every month, I encountered some leaks so how bad could cloth menstrual pads be?
Cloth menstrual pads actually turned out to be my go to every month. I made the switch in 2012 and won't ever go back to disposables (sposies). My cramping decreased, so did the days in my cycle, and i loved the comfort and reliability.
It wasn't so hard to make the switch but it was definitely something new and different that i had to adjust too.

I came across one problem with cloth menstrual pads when i made the switch, Every Cloth pad distributor didn't offer a lot of options, If you went to one shop you would only find round or square pads not both and that was frustrating. What if i wanted to try both Styles?
I would have to order from two different sites, that means more shipping.

Most distributers either offered Only one of the following Minky, cotton, flannel or bamboo velour. What if a customer is not sure which fabric she would like best or which would be more comfortable against her skin. Should she not be able to have all these options under one website! Of course she should. Searching through different websites wondering which is better becomes a hassle, causes confusion and makes the process of making the switch more dreadful.

Absorbency! Will my cloth pad Leak? No it shouldn't if you buy the right pad for your cycle an change often. But how do women know which pad is the right one. Now this is the frustrating part, Wasting more money by buying different brands, sizes and absorbencies, Just to see which one would work or be better for you. I hated that part. To be honest ladies all pads are absorbent and all work about the same. Stitching and outer appearance of pads is what women mostly look for and yes no one wants a crappy pad and want what they pay for so on top of this, you should pay a little more attention to the CORE of the pad you buy. I offer double and triple Layering for the core of ORGO PADS. This is because women should feel secure, free and be able to rely on their pad and not worry about leakage and that extra absorbency will do just that.

Orgo Pads??? What is that lol, Its a line of cloth menstrual pads that i make and offer suitable for women of all ages and sizes who experience menstruation. Orgo Pads are offered in 8 different sizes, 2 styles and three fabric options. More coming soon.

Some women think EWWW! GROSS!! Cloth pads are you kidding me? No I'm not kidding you, if you think cloth pads are gross maybe you should take a better look at the disposable products you use and what is actually being put against your skin. Now those are GROSS!!! EWWW.

Become more informed with what you are using, don't be so ignorant and jump to conclusions.

I really prefer a natural product. whether its my brand or old brands i have purchased in the past.

I can enter and change in a restroom without everyone knowing i have my period.
"Disposable noise unwrapping" "Scratch" "Scratch"lol

The stench the disposable pad gives off is also disgusting, while your making the restroom smell of dead fish, I won't be giving off any odors what so ever. I used to hate walking into a school restroom for this reason, It was GROSS, I still do because disposables are the norm so not many use cloth but if more women knew i wouldn't be so bummed to go in a public restroom even the ones in the university i attend.

Did you ever wonder why you feel so much cramping and your period is super heavy and long? Blame it on your sposies. Cloth menstrual pads will definitely fix that problem for you, and you'll be sure to have a better period. Well a period can never be better your still bleeding right! lol However it'll decrease the symptoms you mostly dislike.

In addition disposables are uncomfortable and irritate your skin while cloth pads don't and are beyond comfortable. If your worried about how to use cloth pads, or how many you need feel free to check out this young lady on youtube. When you are in public you just take off and put in your wet bag and go, washing is not needed at that exact point in time. Ladies you have the option of washing every two days or the end of your cycle so don't freak out! No biggie.

Worried about stains when it comes to cloth pads? Don't its fixable. Simply check out the stain stick removers we offer from buncha farmers.

I may not offer bamboo velour but i offer all the above options at my shop so come check it out. I also offer Laundry care options, menstrual cups and wet bags.
Make your switch to Cloth menstrual pads a easy one.

Spread the word.

Make Cloth pads known in society, its definitely not a thing of the past anymore.

Be sure to check out an upcoming review that is going to be done by Princess among super heroes.

Thank you,

Vanessa Mercado

Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello Ladies,

You have two chances to win if you take part in our two huge giveaways. Orgo Pads is trying to gain more fans in order to spread the word on our products. Help us by taking part in our awsum giveaways this month.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Everyone for helping Orgo Pads get this far.


Vanessa Mercado
Founder And CEO

Monday, December 30, 2013

New years Pad Sale!

I wish everyone a Happy New year and whats a better way to bring in the new year then with some huge sales.

This time around sales will not be available on to order straight from the site.
This may be time consuming but i wanted to try something new =]

Sales will only be available for Orgo pads products which is only cloth menstrual pads.
Customers are able to choose their prints of the site and style of preference whether it be round or square they all have some flare. So you'll be able to enjoy your pads knowing you are fully covered.

Customers can order by email ( or phone (855-674-6723)whichever is best for you.
Please provide your list of items, email to send invoice and if you are in the u.s or international to calculate shipping.

Sale Prices are as follows:
Mini liner = $4.50
Petite liner = $4.75
Thong liner = $5.00
pantyliner = $5.25
Light day pad= $5.75 (light core) 

                         $6.50 (heavy core)
Heavy day pad= $7.00
Postpartum pads= $8.50
**Midnight pads=$9.50

All orders in the U.S over $100 will receive free shipping.

All international orders over $100 will be invoiced a charge of $6.50. 


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